Indivisible Protest in Wood County

Several members of Wood County Indivisible spent their morning protesting in support of saving the Affordable Care Act.

The group met at 10 a.m. today. Around a dozen individuals from the group gathered on Market Street in front of Representative David Mckinley’s Parkersburg office to make sure he heard their voices.

They said their goal was to let Mckinley and other members of congress know that the American Health Care Act, “Trumpcare”, will kill them.

According to the national Indivisible organization, the new health care bill strips coverage from nearly 24 million Americans. The new bill also allows individual states to waive Affordable Care Act regulations.

“He owes it to the constituents of West Virginia to make sure that our health care is protected,” said Jeanne Peters, one of the protesters.

Members of the group say they are wanting McKinley to vote “no” on any revised version of the health care bill.

Representative McKinley did not appear to be at his office when the rallying took place.


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