From Hate Comes Control.

Gun control. It is at the top of Democratic agendas once again. Mass murder has a way of sparking the liberal machine into rehearsed and fact lacking fury that foments and espouses pure hate…but justifiably of course, in their opinion. How can people who are so righteous ever support anything bad or detrimental? I propose they are in fact the cause and have only the destruction of families, lives and the nation in their collective cross-hairs.

In the wake of the heinous and senseless slaughter in Las Vegas, many thoughts and ideas have been running their course. After watching a recent interview with the NRA, by Tucker Carlson, I began to hone this scattered fragments and ideas. It really got me thinking.

One thing I was curious about was the claim put forth that an NRA member has never committed a mass murder. If true, it is a proud and salient point and should be stressed as a key point in any debate about proposed gun control as the finger for the inability to pass such measures is always squarely pointed at the NRA. According to none of the mass shooters in the last 50 plus years has been a member of the NRA.

He, Chris Cox, also made a comment that gun control creates a defenseless public. That to me screamed that Liberal Dems are trying to make soft targets even softer! The cowards who commit these acts of terror and mass murder have shifted their focus to soft targets and it was only the action of armed individuals stopping some of these acts that deter it from happening with greater frequency. Armed citizen stops a possible mass shooting. By taking away or “controlling” guns, you make everyone vulnerable, every family, every mother or father, every single innocent citizen whose only mistake may have been being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Do not allow that to happen America!

Where does this violence come from? As a child, there was an occasional event that may grab national headlines but I do not recall the level and frequency I have seen in the past several years. [For the record I am well over 40😊]  This blame, however, is a direct result of the very people who claim to oppose such hate. Our “good” friends, the Democrats. The party of slavery and Jim Crow, segregation and racial hatred, now is the party of the perpetrators of senseless violence against this country and its occupants.

Who is the loudest supporter of that party today? Hollywood. These purveyors and peddlers of movie after movie, show after show, song after song, of hate and violence have fed and fueled the fanatical fight against what is right, the Right and all we hold dear.

These examples perpetrate and permeate our existence and push the hatred they claim to despise. It is they, not the NRA, that are the main bloodline to such radicals.


A step further, could ANTIFA be the bastard hell spawn of Hollywood hate?

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