Budget session or a way to pass other measures?


West Virginia Governor Jim Justice has submitted an amended special session call that now includes a state budget bill.

“Now that we have action on the revenue legislation in motion I’ve sent up the budget plan,” Justice stated in a news release. “There is still much work to be done. Once all of the bills are passed, most importantly the roads bills, then the budget is ready to be the last thing to be passed.”

The bill was previously absent from the special session call, a situation that was generating increasing criticism from Republican leadership in both houses. Both houses have been working on their own versions of the bill making no progress as the are working against each other.

During an appearance Monday on WV MetroNews’ “Talkline,” the governor promised the budget bill would be out Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning. Justice has described the budget as adding up to $4.35 billion.

Six more bills are being added to the special session agenda, some fairly significant.

One would affect certificates of need for hospitals and another would authorize the Division of Health and Human Resources to move toward the sale of some state-owned hospitals.

Another would bring back a Senate proposal to shift property tax burden to counties for the funding of school systems. That’s a measure of about $80 million.


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