Applicant For Roane County Superintendent Busted For Prostitution!

Dennis Albright

Dennis Albright


In a board meeting, last night Roane County Schools Board of Education members announced who they will be interviewing for the position. Those names are as follows.

Richard D. Duncan, Ph.D.

Robin Joy Lewis

Timothy L. Payton

Tony Minney, Ed.D.

William E. Chapman, Ed.D.



Former Wetzel County Schools superintendent Dennis Albright has tossed his name in the hat for Roane County Schools Superintendent. In February of 2015 Albright was in Charleston, WV at a meeting representing Wetzel County Schools. He ended up being involved a Prostitution Sting operation that the Charleston police department was doing that same night. Albright was arrested along with five other people that night.

According to police, the six men contacted undercover officers and came to a hotel in Charleston based on an online advertisement. All of the men then negotiated for sexual favors before being arrested. In response to the arrest, Michael Blair, the president of the Wetzel County Board of Education issued the following statement:

“I was shocked this morning to hear the news of our county Superintendent’s arrest in Charleston, WV. Naturally, at this moment, the Board is not aware of all the relevant facts and must exercise discretion and restraint before meeting to consider taking any official action. In due course, the Board of Education will call an official public meeting and consider what actions to pursue. In the meantime, in the absence of the county Superintendent, our Assistant Superintendent Jay Yeager will serve as the chief administrative officer of the school system per his written job description.”

It’s a crime you may be used to seeing on the streets, but the oldest professional in the world has evolved.
“Now with the advancement of the Internet and technology, we have less prostitution in the streets and more of it now online,” said Lt. Steve Cooper with the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department.

Thursday night, the Charleston Police Department used this new high-tech hustling in a sting.
They placed pictures of two undercover female officers online as bait and then waited.
One by one, police say six men came from all across the region, meeting the women at a hotel in Charleston and agreeing to pay for sexual favors.
One by one, the faces from behind the screen, soon had mugshots.

Detectives did not know Albright was a county school superintendent until word circulated about his arrest. He told officers he was visiting Charleston.
“He told detectives he was here on legislative business. Sometimes men who come into town from a different area will go onto the internet and look for escorts. That’s what we’re trying to deter now,” Cooper said.

Is this someone the parents of the children in Roane County will want at the top of the leadership ladder for the schools? If my children were going to school there I can promise you that I would be on the phone with the board office asking questions and demanding answers.

Below is a list of all the applicants that are aiming for the top seat at Roane County Schools with their current positions included.

David Sheldon Tupper, Ed. D., Principal Wirt County Middle School, Wirt County Schools, Elizabeth, WV.

Dennis Albright, Education Building Supervisor, Baltimore City Public Schools, Baltimore, Maryland

Richard D. Duncan, Ph.D., Director of Human Resources & Information Services, Mingo County Schools

Robin Joy Lewis, executive director Regional Education Service Agency (RESA) 1, Beckley, WV.

Timothy L. Payton, principal Oak Hill High School, Oak Hill, Fayette County WV.

Tony Minney, Ed.D., coordinator of School Improvement / Professional Learning, West Virginia Department of Education, Charleston, WV.

William E. Chapman, Ed.D., Director of Federal Programs, Child Nutrition & Personnel, Roane County Schools, Spencer, WV.

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