From Hate Comes Control.

Gun control. It is at the top of Democratic agendas once again. Mass murder has a way of sparking the liberal machine into rehearsed and fact lacking fury that foments and espouses pure hate…but justifiably of course, in their opinion. How can people who are so righteous ever support anything bad or detrimental? I propose they are in fact the cause and have only the destruction of families, lives and the nation in their collective cross-hairs.

In the wake of the heinous and senseless slaughter in Las Vegas, many thoughts and ideas have been running their course. After watching a recent interview with the NRA, by Tucker Carlson, I began to hone this scattered fragments and ideas. It really got me thinking.

One thing I was curious about was the claim put forth that an NRA member has never committed a mass murder. If true, it is a proud and salient point and should be stressed as a key point in any debate about proposed gun control as the finger for the inability to pass such measures is always squarely pointed at the NRA. According to none of the mass shooters in the last 50 plus years has been a member of the NRA.

He, Chris Cox, also made a comment that gun control creates a defenseless public. That to me screamed that Liberal Dems are trying to make soft targets even softer! The cowards who commit these acts of terror and mass murder have shifted their focus to soft targets and it was only the action of armed individuals stopping some of these acts that deter it from happening with greater frequency. Armed citizen stops a possible mass shooting. By taking away or “controlling” guns, you make everyone vulnerable, every family, every mother or father, every single innocent citizen whose only mistake may have been being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Do not allow that to happen America!

Where does this violence come from? As a child, there was an occasional event that may grab national headlines but I do not recall the level and frequency I have seen in the past several years. [For the record I am well over 40😊]  This blame, however, is a direct result of the very people who claim to oppose such hate. Our “good” friends, the Democrats. The party of slavery and Jim Crow, segregation and racial hatred, now is the party of the perpetrators of senseless violence against this country and its occupants.

Who is the loudest supporter of that party today? Hollywood. These purveyors and peddlers of movie after movie, show after show, song after song, of hate and violence have fed and fueled the fanatical fight against what is right, the Right and all we hold dear.

These examples perpetrate and permeate our existence and push the hatred they claim to despise. It is they, not the NRA, that are the main bloodline to such radicals.


A step further, could ANTIFA be the bastard hell spawn of Hollywood hate?

To What End or The End?

Recent events have brought to the forefront, yet again, the battle over the true meaning of our past and history. Rising Antifa violence against free speech across the country and just this past weekend, a Black Lives Matter protest in West Virginia’s own capital city. While we at Responsible Citizens of West Virginia, much like the III% and Militia groups that showed up in Charleston, defend their right to assemble and protest, like all Americans under the Constitution, we have had a few thoughts and questions for everyone to ponder.


Republican Abraham Lincoln was elected as president in 1860. His views on government and slavery caused seven southern states to secede from the Union to form the Confederate States of America. Upon the first shots being fired four more states joined the Confederacy. In 1854, the U.S. Congress passed the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which essentially legalized slavery by asserting the rule of popular sovereignty over congressional edict. This in a nut shell means that the federal government was leaving the issue of slavery up to the states to decide. So this war was about more than slavery it was about states’ rights.

For good or for ill, our collective history is the very foundation of freedom espoused by the Founding Fathers when this great nation was conceived. Not without flaws, like all human beings, they looked to a future and laid the foundation for what would, and has, become the greatest nation ever created. As the battle begins to rewrite and even erase not just the people but also the documents, ideas and beliefs that have propelled us to greatness in the face of tyrannical oppression, invading forces, Civil War, Nazism, Communism and modern day threats from outside and within the country, we have been contemplating and considering some queries we would like to propose for public consumption and input. There is an inherent inconsistency that is intriguing with regard to the removal of relics and remnants of our collective history, the very mile markers that illustrate indelibly the growth we have made collectively.

With that in mind, we wonder, what is the end game?

With affirmative action, reparations and entitlements all resting on the ideas of oppression in the past, how does a group like Black Lives Matter seek to benefit from the very history that has allowed such benefits to be bestowed on minorities and people of color?

What purpose could it serve? Who benefits?

While the fervor is fomenting and violence escalating we ask…to what end?


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Governor Jim Justice Returns to the Republican Party.


In 2015 Jim Justice changed his party affiliation from Republican to Democrat to run for Governor of West Virginia. He believed that it would be easier for him to defeat the Republican candidate Bill Cole. Turns out he was exactly right he was able to defeat Cole.

Gov. Justice ran his campaign on one note that struck West Virginians close to home. “Creating good jobs and getting our miners back to work. Let’s all pull the rope together,” said a Jim Justice in an ad campaign that hit both radio and TV. This, of course, played right into the emotions of the great folks in southern West Virginia.

Once he had secured the Office of Governor he started pushing for a budget that would make cuts to certain programs in WV to attempt to balance the budget. Some of the things that were in his crosshairs were programs like RESA (Regional Education Services Agency). RESAs across the state are a vital part of the education system in WV. Some of the services they provide to k-12 school systems are, Adolescent Health Initiative, a partnership with The Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies (AEPA), Per WVBOE Policy Alternative Certification Programs for the Education of Teachers, Computer Repair Technicians, Special Education Medicaid (Helping to get special needs children extra help through Medicaid for speech-language, physical, and occupational therapy, nursing, psychology, audiology, IEP development, IEP update, care coordination, personal care, transportation and technical assistance), Professional Development for teachers, WVEIS Support (WVEIS is a computer based program for student scheduling, student attendance, student grading, and several custom programs. Financial and employee applications include payroll processing, human resources, fixed asset inventory, warehousing, and purchasing). This list does not include all of the other things that RESAs do for the state such as Fire Fighter training, West Virginia Environmental Training, and other adult education programs.

Other things he was able to help get the legislature to cut where $7.5 million from colleges and universities, $2.5 million from community and technical colleges, $323,000 for community and technical education and $228,000 from the higher education policy commission. That’s on top of a $10 million higher education cut in the governor’s original budget proposal.

There’s a $5.3 million cut from the Department of Education. That includes a $1 million cut from 21st Century Assessment and Professional Development and eliminating Innovation in Education and Technology Systems Specialist funding at $4.5 million.

There’s a $4.5 million cut from the Division of Health. That includes eliminating $3 million in funding for the Tobacco Education Program.

The budget has a $5 million cut from the Consolidated Medical Service Fund.

There’s a $3.8 million cut from the Division of Corrections and a $1.5 million cut from the State Police.

It would seem to us with the opioid epidemic that we have in this state you would not want to cut healthcare funding or police and correction funding. With all of the cuts that were made to the education system both k-12 and higher education, it would seem that his priorities are not set to help educate our children in this fast-growing world.

I guess we need to look in the mirror and ask ourselves is this the legacy we want to leave our children with? What can we do to change these things now? Do we wait for another election and hope someone else can clean it up? We say NO! the people of this state need to be heard. Call your local representative, call the governor’s office and tell the people who want to serve the state of WV exactly what you want for our state now. Waiting on the next election might be too late.

Standing together we can make WV the greatest state in these United States of America.

Link to state senators contact info

Send a message to the Governor


Senate President says he’s fed up with Gov. Jim Justice

Current Public Restroom off the senate floor.

Mitch Carmichael, one of Gov. Jim Justice’s best allies in Charleston now fed up with the Governor. Gov. Justice in a press release where he stated “Based on how poorly the Legislature did this past year, the taxpayers shouldn’t pay them for a new outhouse— much less a new luxury bathroom”

“It’s ridiculous. The man’s lost his mind,” Carmichael, R-Jackson said this morning on MetroNews’ “Talkline” in response to the governor’s news release.

Justice Tweeted the statement around 10 a.m. and was labeled “Justice calls bullsnot on politicians for spending money on private Capitol bathrooms.”

Carmichael explained the project is meant to upgrade multiple, bathrooms to make them compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The total anticipated cost is $860,000. Senate leaders said the restrooms are public, rather than private as the governor described.

The money for the renovations has been set aside since the work was approved in 2009 by then-Senate President Earl Ray Tomblin. The plans for the upgrades have been vetted and approved by the Capitol Building Commission to ensure the changes reflect the integrity of the original architecture of the building.

Carmichael objected to the substance of the governor’s statement, as well as the tone, alluding to Justice’s use of a tray of actual bovine feces to illustrate his vetoing of the budget the Legislature passed at the end of the regular session.

“Here’s a governor who had the indignity and the disrespect to bring cow feces into the state Capitol and unveil it, and now he’s going to criticize the state Senate for upgrading the restroom facilities that are now almost 85 years old,” Carmichael said. “These public restroom facilities are non-ADA compliant.

“He talks about gold-plated this and that. This is ridiculous. this press release needs to be flushed down the toilet.”

Carmichael added, “I don’t understand this guy’s fixation with restrooms and everything related to, I don’t know.”

Carmichael has been one of Justice’s political allies in the Legislature. Although the governor is a Democrat and the Senate president is a Republican, Carmichael has been generally supportive of the governor’s goals, such as his road-funding bills. The two collaborated on a revenue proposal that would have raised sales taxes but then decreased personal income taxes a few months later.

Carmichael tended to laugh it off when the governor called legislators names such as “blockheads.”

Now Carmichael says that’s over. He said he withheld criticism over the outstanding taxes owed by the coal companies owned by Justice’s families. No more, Carmichael said on “Talkline.”

“I’m going to now,” he said. When you’re talking about making the people’s house ADA compliant and this guy shows cow feces and owes the state $4.5 million, I mean, come on.”

Referring to Justice’s comment that the money being used to upgrade the restrooms could instead be used to pay for drug treatment, Carmichael added: “Pay your taxes — $4.5 million in taxes for drug treatment.”

Justice’s news release had suggested the Senate should use the allocated bathroom money to fund drug treatment centers.

George Soros to sponsor Bernie Sanders Health Care Speech.

Senator Sanders is scheduled to be at the Charleston Civic Center at 3 p.m. Sunday.

According to a news release, Sanders, an Independent Senator from Vermont, will team up with the (A George Soros Group) for health care rallies in West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania, urging GOP senators to save the Affordable Care Act and vote no on the Senate health care bill that was released Thursday.

This type of show will feed on the fears of the elderly and the poor in our area. It will spread misinformation about the actual bill. For those who do not want to be tied up in one side or the other until they have all the facts here is a copy of the proposed bill. Click Here Read it for yourself then make up your mind on what it does or does not do.

This scam could end up pretty much destroying WV?


Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman says West Virginia suffered a political hatchet-job. The state voted overwhelmingly for Republican Donald Trump, and now Trump wants to slash the U.S. safety net that saves the Mountain State from poverty. He wrote on May 26:

“So many of the people who voted for Donald Trump were the victims of an epic scam by a man who has built his life around scamming. In the case of West Virginians, this scam could end up pretty much destroying their state.”

Krugman pointed out that only Wyoming gave a bigger margin to Trump in the 2016 election. He continued:

“What did West Virginians think they were voting for? They are, after all, residents of a poor state that benefits immensely from federal programs: 29 percent of the population is on Medicaid, almost 19 percent on food stamps. The expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare is the main reason the percentage of West Virginians without health insurance has halved since 2013. Beyond that, more than 4 percent of the population, the highest share in the nation, receives Social Security disability payments.”

Krugman said West Virginia got “the mother of all sucker punches,” because Trump’s new budget and his repeal of the Affordable Care Act would cripple the state.

“What would happen to West Virginia if all these Trump policies went into effect? Basically, it would be apocalyptic: Hundreds of thousands would lose health insurance; medical debt and untreated conditions would surge; and there would be an explosion in extreme poverty, including a lot of outright hunger.”

Presumably, thousands of West Virginians voted for Trump because he promised to revive the coal industry and “put miners back to work.” But that promise is a pipe dream impossible to deliver, Krugman wrote.

West Virginia has a disproportionately older population, sensitive to cuts or changes in many government programs. Thanks, at least partly, to many years of work in demanding industries, state residents also have high rates of disability. Remaining workers and entrepreneurs continue to struggle every day to weather economic changes. Now, the state is cited as a sad victim of political betrayal.

– See more at:

WV church becomes ‘Sanctuary Church’ for undocumented immigrants.

The First Congregational United Church of Christ is celebrating its 145th year in Huntington WV.  In celebration of the event, the congregation has re-announced themselves to be a “Sanctuary to all.”

They are also celebrating with a revival it is set to run from June 1 through June 3 with services at 6:30 p.m.

They have effectively become a “Sanctuary Church” for undocumented immigrants being targeted for deportation.

We are all familiar by now with the term “sanctuary cities” and now “sanctuary churches,” communities which have pledged to be a place where undocumented immigrants may be safe without fear of apprehension and deportation by federal authorities.

Are they actually biblical?

Many people claim that these are inspired by the ancient “cities of refuge” which are found in the Bible, in the narratives dealing with Israel occupying the ancient land of Canaan. Churches in the city of Austin, Texas have banded together to form the Austin Sanctuary Network, joining a nationwide movement of over 800 churches determined to protect immigrants from the long reach of the law.

So are today’s “sanctuary cities” a modern biblical expression of the Bible’s “cities of refuge?” No, not even close.

For openers, cities of refuge were legal, sanctuary cities are not. Cities of refuge, which you can read about in Numbers 35 and Joshua 22, were authorized under the Mosaic code to serve as a part of Israel’s justice system. Sanctuary cities, in contrast, are illegal and outside the justice system altogether.

Cities of refuge were places where someone who had committed involuntary manslaughter could flee and find safety until the day of his trial. “So that anyone who kills a person without intent and unknowingly may flee there. They shall be your refuge from the avenger of blood” (Josh 20:3), the oldest male relative of the deceased. who otherwise might carry out vigilante justice on the part of the family.

The “manslayer” could stay in the city of refuge until his case came to trial: “He shall live in that city until he stands before the congregation for judgment” (Josh. 20:6a). If the trial determined that the death was indeed accidental, the accused would be allowed to live and be exonerated of all guilt. On the other hand, if trial revealed that the death wasn’t involuntary after all, only made to look that way, the accused would be taken outside the city and receive his due punishment.

The whole point was the accused deserved a fair trial and his day in court, and it was the job of a city of refuge to see that he got it. In other words, the purpose of a city of refuge was to make sure the rights of the accused to due process were observed.

But sanctuary cities, in contrast, do not exist to protect due process. They exist to enable the guilty to escape punishment altogether. The mere presence of an illegal alien on American soil is an illegal, criminal act which is the proper subject of law enforcement. Those, no matter how well-meaning they are, who help others avoid facing the legal consequences of such criminal conduct are subverting the system of justice, not cooperating with it.

A city of refuge worked with law enforcement; a sanctuary city works against it. A city of refuge served to guarantee a man his day in court; a sanctuary city works to prevent the accused from ever facing a day in court. A city of refuge existed to ensure that every man received a fair trial; a sanctuary city exists to enable a man to avoid a fair trial altogether.

So, no, sanctuary cities are not a modern embodiment of biblical cities of refuge, and only Christians with a shallow understanding of Scripture could believe they are.

Such Christians “are twisting biblical statutes to political ends and subverting federal law,”  says James Hoffmeier of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

Finally, with regard to this network of sanctuary churches, should not the role of the church of Jesus Christ be to help its members become law-abiding disciples rather than law-breaking ones?

One dead after officer-involved shooting in Berkeley County.

GERRARDSTOWN, W.Va.– Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department deputies were involved in a shooting Monday that left a 62-year-old man dead.

Authorities responded to the small farm off state Route 45 shortly before 7:30 p.m. after the property owners said the man threatened to commit suicide.

The suspect was shot after he approached officers who were stationed outside of his mobile home with a gun, according to Berkeley County Sheriff Curtis Keller.

Full Story Here

Muslim rights group to open West Virginia office

The Charleston Gazette-Mail reports that the Council on American-Islamic Relations is looking for an executive director to lead the West Virginia branch.

National chapter director Lori Saroya says the Washington, D.C.-based organization hopes to open the West Virginia office in the next few months. The group has not announced a location yet. The office would be the organization’s fifth to open in 2017. It currently operates more than 30 offices.

CAIR works to get Muslim Americans included in society through media relations, lobbying, legal assistance, advocacy, education and coalition building.

CAIR spokesman, Ibrahim Hooper, said that previously, the group largely drew support from the American Muslim community. The new office, he said, is “a reflection of the support we’ve received, not only from American Muslims, but also from the larger society.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which collected reports of hateful incidents and harassment of minority populations after the 2016 election, told the Gazette-Mail in late November they had tracked five instances here, although they said one occurred in East Lansing, which is not in West Virginia. None were anti-Muslim.

Dr. Badshah Wazir, president of the Islamic Association of West Virginia, said he has not been informed of any anti-Muslim vandalism, hate crimes or similar incidents since the election, although he did mention an anti-Muslim book passed out at a school before parents made the principal aware of the situation.

“Nothing major — it is more the fear factor that something will go wrong,” he said.

So, he isn’t sure how much legal advocacy work there will be to do. But the Islamic Association encouraged CAIR to come to the state, Wazir said. He appreciates that there will be more people dedicated to “interfaith dialogue,” and that the resource will be available if any Muslim West Virginians do report instances of discrimination.

“It is good for us,” he said. “It is good for the local community.”

And while he hasn’t heard of any anti-Muslim incidents, he believes there is room for education. He mentioned the terrorist attack, in Manchester, that killed 22 people and injured 116 on Monday evening.

“People associated Muslims with that incident,” he said. “They don’t have any idea that half of southern West Virginia is treated by Muslim physicians.”

Wazir estimated the Islamic association has about 300 members in Charleston and surrounding areas.

Watch Now – National Veterans Awareness Ride


This is a National ride that starts in May. They start the journey in Sacramento, California and ride all the way to Washington, D.C. Each day they stop at places like veteran hospitals or even memorial services and visit with folks. This is all in an effort to thank those who served and remember those who were killed.

“We try to create awareness among citizens of respect and sincere thanks to veterans for the sacrifice that they, their spouses or significant others have made,” said Jerry Conner, President of the organization.

Nearly 100 motorcycles pulled into the parking lot of the Louis A. Johnson VA Medical Center Thursday afternoon as part of a National Veterans Awareness Ride.